April Watch List

A monthly update on what we're reading, watching and listening to, when we're not making soap that is.


Meals in Minutes by Donal Skehan - Irish chef, Donal Skehan's latest book came out late last year and it's jam packed with easy recipes, many with a Asian twist. Trish has been making her way through it for the past few months! He shares lots of great recipes on his website too. We'd love to know if / when you try one.


VEEP - Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has won a tonne of consecutive Emmys for her role a Vice President Selena Meyers in this semi-cult classic comedy. If you like to laugh (and really, who doesn't) give it a watch.

Game of Thrones - Winter is finally here. Similarly to our last chat about all things GoT, some of us are very excited and others not so much. The chats at lunch time are deeply divided in GoT love!


We decided to mix it up this month with some music. We haven't done a playlist in a while and who doesn't love listening to music while they cook. To follow on from our current Game of Thrones obsession, this one is called Summer is Coming