Crisp Winter Mornings

Winter is my favourite season. Scarves, mulled apple juice, porridge with cream, stewed apple with maple pecans. And frost. 

Those crisp winter mornings, they are the best of the year.

And sometimes, just the odd time, I sneak a morning away from the madness to go and climb a mountain. I have a real penchant for a energetic stroll on those kinds of mornings. A clear sky and steamy breath on the air. I think my favourite spot for a winter morning stroll is  the Cooley Mountains, just north of Dundalk, Co. Louth.

While these clear, crisp mornings can’t be beaten sometimes the atmospheric, and often eerie, mist lends a completely different softness to the day.

Here is a picture of a recent jaunt up the Cooleys, starting with a deep morning fog and clearing to a bright, crisp winter's morn.