Updated Shipping Dates & FAQs

If you have ordered Hand Sanitiser, please check if you have ordered 50ml, 100ml, 180ml or 250ml.

These are the latest shipping dates:

50ml Hand Sanitiser - All orders have shipped - SOLD OUT

100ml Hand Sanitiser - On the way. Orders began shipping on Thursday 2nd April - SOLD OUT

180ml Hand Sanitiser - Pre-Orders began shipping on Monday 6th April. All pre-orders placed from Tuesday at 5pm will begin to ship Friday 10th April.

250ml Hand Sanitiser - On the way. Orders began shipping Thursday 26th March - SOLD OUT

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our customer service team are working through all of your emails. And, they are working as quickly as possible. To help them out, we have answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about our Hand Sanitiser here. Please check them out first if possible!
    1. I ordered ages ago. Where is my delivery?

      The Short Answer: See dates above.

      The Long Answer: There could be delays as a result of the latest guidelines from the Irish Government and the HSE. Courier companies are also prioritising front line supply deliveries over everything else. We are taking these delays into consideration with the delivery dates we are providing to our customers. Please see above dates for the most up to date information on our shipping dates. We are in daily contact with our courier company and they are rising to this mammoth challenge. Hang tight.
      1. I've ordered in the last day or two. When will my order arrive?

        The Short Answer: 3-5 days for everything except Hand Sanitiser.

        The Long Answer: We will continue to ship all available orders within 3-5 days - this applies to everything except Hand Sanitiser.
        Hand Sanitiser is only available for pre-order. We will update you if / when that changes.
        All pre-order 100ml Hand Sanitisers have now been shipped. Courier companies are experiencing very high demand, so things may take a day or 2 longer than our usual quick delivery. They're on the way.
        All pre-order 180ml Hand Sanitisers started shipping on April 6th. If you ordered after 5pm on April 7th, your order will start to ship from Friday 10th April. Please allow 3-5 days from them for your delivery to arrive.

      2. Can I collect my order from you?

        The Short Answer: No

        The Long Answer: Normally, we welcome visitors with open arms and often a cup of tea and a chat. We genuinely love to see you. But, Isopropyl Alcohol is a volatile liquid and it would violate every Health & Safety rule in the book. We are also protecting ourselves and you by maintaining a safe, secure and socially distanced work space during these unpredictable and changing times.

      3. Does your Hand Sanitiser kill Covid-19 virus?

        The Short Answer:  Yes, when applied according the on-pack directions, our Hand Sanitiser which contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol will kill Covid-19. 

        The Long Answer:

        The most recent and relevant international regulatory guidance on hand sanitisers comes from the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) which is the US National Health Protection Agency, generally regarded to be one of the primary sources of guidance on disease and infection control.

        March 14th 2020 Bulletin

        Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), CDC Statement for Healthcare Personnel on Hand Hygiene during the Response to the International Emergence of COVID-19

        "CDC recommends the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA) as the preferred form of hand hygiene in healthcare settings, based upon greater access to hand sanitizer. Health care providers who use alcohol based-hand sanitizers as part of their hand hygiene routine can inform patients that they are following CDC guidelines".

        We'll also refer to The World Health Organisation here: "Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands." 

      4. I didn't get a confirmation email for my online order, what do I do?

        The Short Answer: Check your spam folder. Give it 24hrs, our website is quite busy at the moment and could experience delays. If you still don't have a confirmation email, drop us a line at customercare@thehandmadesoapcompany.ie 

        The Long Answer: Check your spam folder. Give it 24hrs, our website is quite busy at the moment and could experience delays. Check your bank statement to see if payment has been taken, if not your order may not have gone through. If you still don't have a confirmation email, drop us a line at customercare@thehandmadesoapcompany.ie 


      A note from the team:
      Kindness comes naturally, particularly at a time like this. We want our customers to know that currently, we have a solid supply chain to continue making Hand Sanitiser for as long as is needed. We are here for you.
      Our Hand Sanitiser is just temporarily out of stock while we work to manufacture and fill more bottles. We will have 100ml bottles ready to ship from 2nd of April.

      Thank you all for your patience and your understanding as we navigate this new road together. We are blown away with the emails of support, there is so much kindness in our world!