Foraged Irish Wildflowers & Handmade Soap

When you get off the beaten track in Ireland, a veritable rainbow of wilderness awaits. It's May as I write this and although it's a strange time for the human race, nature seems to be having a party which is now in full swing. I wanted to capture that burst of spring blooms in a soap. 

I took an afternoon and went off the beaten track picking wild flowers. We made a giant flower-press a while back so I filled that to the brim when I got back. I condensed it into 26 seconds.

Check it out, it's quite therapeutic:

3 weeks later, I pressed the dried flowers into a specially made bar of soap, fragranced with a summer-inspired floral blend of natural botanical oils.

We made 200 bars and we are giving one free with the next 200 orders over €50, from today. If you receive one with your order, we really hope you love it - Let us know what you think! 

Donagh Quigley
Founder & Chief Forager