The benefits of lavender

There’s something about the scent of lavender. It instantly washes a wave of calm over the mind and body. It’s long been heralded for improving sleep quality as well as having anti-inflammatory effects, and there are lots of ways to use both lavender (the plant) and the essential oil.

Harvest some of those fragrant blossoms and throw them into a spray bottle filled with water to make a calming room spray, or to your bath for some peaceful, rustic charm. Toss some stems into a salad for an instagram-ready meal. Add a few stems to your gin & tonic or sprinkle into your hot chocolate for an extra calm bedtime drink. Lavender is a great addition to all sorts of food and drinks, here’s a really great recipe for a lavender infused lemonade, delicious on a warm day.

Lavender essential oil is just as versatile. Natural beauty products, with pure lavender essential oil, can be used to improve cases of extreme dryness such as psoriasis and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties work great for this too and of course, for tired muscles. A couple of drops  onto your pillow at night (not the pillow case as the oil is likely to stain) will calm the mind for a restful bedtime. Lavender is thought to be beneficial for a variety of things such as headaches, digestion and general immune boosting.

The wonderful scent is just the tip of the iceberg. Get out there and smell the lavender, you’ll feel instantly better for it!

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