Winter is Coming...

...And who will sit on the Iron Throne? Or more importantly, who cares who sits on the Iron Throne? Some of the team watch and love Game of Thrones, others... well others just watch it. Here's how that works out at lunch time.


Why are you watching Game of Thrones?

Trish: Dragons, mainly. Kidding! I like fantasy films and the immersion in a world of endless possibility. At the root of it all - fantasy or reality - the fight for power is a struggle between good and bad. It's just about figuring out who's good and who's bad. I watched all of Season 1 and then read all the (available) books, finishing up toward the end of the airing of Season 2. There's something about the transition of book to film / tv that has always interested me. George RR Martin has created a vast world in Game of Thrones. In Book 1, he even foreshadows a main event that happens in Book 3 - in such a subtle way that I think I only noticed because I was reading and watching at the same time. (*Major spoiler - drop me an email if you're curious!). And for fear of further spoilers I'll just say, Hodor - what a twist!

I also loved that the cast was mainly relatively unknown actors and that they were filming in Ireland. The production, CGI and cinematography are all worthy of a big screen blockbuster. Becoming invested in the fate of the Stark family was definitely the initial hook but it's the character development of people like Jamie, Brienne, Tyrion, The Hound, Bronn and so many more that maintained my interest. As the show has progressed, strong women have become central to the story - Daenarys, Cersai, Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Ygritte, Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, so many wonderful, rounded female characters - good and bad, fighting for every side. 


Donagh: To keep my wife happy. She is mad into it. I tried watching the first season about 4-5 years ago and it didn’t do it for me at all. Anyway, my wife talked me into trying it again. It still doesn’t really do it for me. Nevertheless we are on Season 4, I suppose I better finish it now.


What do you dislike about it?

T: There's one niggling thing that irks me. Jamie Lannister has a character arc in the book that they haven't manage to convey to the same level on screen. His aching jealousy over Cersai's exploits with Lancel and others is cemented in a repeated internal monologue. It goes toward a better understanding of his actions and motives and definitely allows for more empathy and even hope for the character. It is taking longer for this to manifest for viewers of the tv show.


D. Theres a lot of drama in it. Could they not just all chill out a bit.


Who's your favourite character and why?

T: I can't pick just one so I'm going to cheat and talk about a pair of characters and their relationship. I love Arya and Sandor Clegane's journey together, it's both a physical and psychological journey. It's on this journey that both characters really define within themselves the direction they want to go. Arya recognises the freedom and anonymity she now has, despite the circumstances of her time with Sandor. Both characters are fantastic in their own rite but when they're together, the writers have managed to achieve something really special.


D. Tyrion is pretty cool.


T: Agreed, Tyrion is badass.


Who do you want to see on the Iron Throne? Or do you care?!

T: In terms of those in the current running - Danaerys. I'll admit, I got into reading theories online but they were far too intricate and to be honest, too far fetched. So now I read the AV Club's weekly review and maybe the odd news publication but I've had a theory since early on that has been somewhat verified and I'm still clinging to it. I do worry that the writers will loose focus and direction (Remember Lost?) but hopefully I'll continue to care what happens to these characters and the years of creativity and aeons of inspiration that has gone into bringing them to life. So yes, I definitely care.


D. I suppose the one with the dragons. Unsullied….I like that word.