Meaths Most Haunted

Welcome to Meath. The county that has more myths and legends per square inch than any other county in Ireland and home to our very own ‘The Handmade Soap Company’. But did you know that county Meath is also home to some pretty terrifying ghosts?

We all love a good spooky story and seeing as it’s Halloween we’ve compiled a list of the top five haunted locations in Meath. Visit at your own risk!

Slane Castle
Slane Castle is reportedly haunted by a Puca which is a type of phantom fairy. Slane Castles’ Puca takes the form of a large hound or small horse and has been spotted roaming the grounds at dusk. Although Puca’s can be omens of evil, this Puca has long been considered the protector of the castle. The entity wears a chain around it’s neck so it’s recognizable regardless of which form it takes.

Skryne Castle
Nestled between the ancient Hill of Tara where many skeletons have been unearthed lies Skryne Castle. Skyrne is said to be haunted by several spectres that include a nun, and a tall, cloaked figure and his dog. But it is the spirit of a woman in white that gives Skyrne its notoriety. The ghost is believed to be that of Lilith Palmerston who was murdered by Phelim Sellers in the 18th century. it is her ghastly shrieks that many believe can still be heard echoing through the castle in the dead of night.

Killeen Castle
Killeen Castle is the current construction on a site occupied since around 1180. The former Earl of Fingall has been observed a few times around the castle, always dressed in a blue coat and powdered wig. The library is also haunted by strange noises and moving furniture and fittings.


Loughcrew Cairns - Hill of the Witch
Many stories surround the ancient passage tombs at Oldcastle Co.Meath the most famous of these may explain how the area got it’s nickname. In a ritual to grant her great power, a witch leapt around the hills here, dropping stones which formed the cairns. However, on her fourth jump she stumbled and died, her body forming Patrickstown Hill.


Ross Castle
Ross Castle is known as one of the most haunted places in all of Ireland. The castle was built in 1533 by the Lord of Devon “the Black Baron.” The Baron’s daughter Sabina is said to haunt the property today. Legend has it that in 1536 Sabina met a handsome young man named Orwin,and the two fell in love, but they weren’t considered an appropriate match. They decided to elope, and took a boat out onto Lough Sheelin to escape. A storm hit, their boat was capsized and Orwin was killed, while Sabina was rescued. When Sabina came to, she discovered Orwin had died and screamed a blood curdling scream. Soon after she died from shock, and she and Orwin were buried together on the castle grounds. Sabina now haunts Ross Castle, in search for her lost lover. Her agonizing wail is said to still be heard today around 3 or 4 a.m. in the back right room of the castle.

Happy Halloween from all of us at The Handmade Soap Company!