Our 6 favourite things about sunshine

Spring has sprung, the winter wardrobe has been retired and everyone has an extra spring in their step (sorry!). What’s not to love? The answer is very little. Here are some of the things we love about when the sun shines.

1) Vitamin D - the natural real deal, straight from the source - vitamin D. Help keep your body fresh. (don’t forget your sunscreen)

2) Not having to bring a jacket - Leaving the house in the morning, foot loose and fancy free. No jacket, no umbrella or any other "what-if" weather paraphernalia. Maybe even sandals. Try out our award-winning Body Butter to bring that silky smooth and summer glow back to your skin.

3) Getting a real tan - There's nothing like that fresh summer glow. Don't forget the sunscreen of course.

4) The grand stretch in the evenings - At the peak of the Irish summer, it's bright past 11pm. With beautifully extended dusks and dawns, it's brightening up again around 4am.

5) Picnics -Throw a few sandwiches into a bag and hit the open road. Eating al fresco is the essence of summer time!

6) Festivals - Ireland in the sunshine is pretty impressive. For a country with unreliable weather, we've lot of outdoor summer festivals. It always seems to be nice for Body & Soul which takes place around the summer solstice every year (you heard it here first!) Don’t forget to pack a Handmade Soap Company survival pack … Body Lotion, Lip Balm, and our Travel Shampoo and Conditioner.

Overall, sunshine is amazing! Be smart about the time you spend in the sun, and enjoy it. Make sure to keep your skin fresh, clean and happy with The Handmade Soap Company’s natural products. Perfect for all skin types.

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